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5 Tips for Getting More for Less on Your New Zealand VacationOffering a combination of beautiful scenery, amazing experiences, and adventures that can’t be replicated anywhere else on earth, New Zealand is undoubtedly one of the world’s top travel destinations. Geographically isolated and stunningly beautiful, this South Pacific country has been rapidly transformed into a major tourist hotspot. With this increase in attention has come a subsequent increase in pricing...
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Blue Zones: How Visiting (and Learning from) the World's Longest Living Areas Can Improve Your Life

To the average traveler, Loma Linda, a small city in Southern California; Okinawa, a group of warm islands to the south of Japan, and Sardinia, a well-known island off the coast of Italy, have relatively little in common. Aside from their year-round warm climates and laid back way of life, the different destinations are rarely grouped together, and for the most part, it's for good reason.

But these destinations share a unique characteristic – one that makes them highly desirable vacation and retirement destinations for much of the population. Unlike the world's big cities, where stress is an issue and work-based lifestyles push many people towards poor health, these three destinations are considered 'blue zones' – locations with the highest concentration of long-living people.

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5 Tokyo Neighborhoods that are Perfect for Getting an Authentic Cultural ExperienceTokyo is a huge city – so big, in fact, that you could walk for days without reaching the edges of its immense metropolitan sprawl. Packed with mid-rise buildings that, to many visitors’ eyes, look identical, it’s easy to think that every Tokyo area is the same as the next when you’re still finding your way in this gigantic urban area. While many of Tokyo’s neighborhoods may look the same, however, it’s one of the world’s most varied and unique cities.
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10 Simple Tricks to Avoid Being a 'Clueless Tourist'

We've all seen them: bossy, frustrated, obnoxious travelers that seem almost entirely unaware of how they're perceived by others. From the camera-carrying hawaiian shirt vacation crowd to the ever-critiquing wannabe travel critic, the obnoxious and annoying behavior of some tourists can really get on the nerves of both fellow travelers and the locals that they're interacting with.

The incredible thing about rude travelers is that often, we're the worst of them. From tired, rushed situations that cause us to lose our tempers to frustrating scenarios in countries that we're just not familiar with, everyone can lose their cool while on the road. Often, it's when we least expect it to happen, and even more often, it's in a situation that could have been carried out very smoothly.

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Zero-Tourist Bali: How to Enjoy Indonesia's Hottest Island on a Budget

Known around the world as a stunning tourism destination for both mega-rich millionaires and low-budget tourists, Bali is a truly enchanting island. With incredible native wildlife, beautiful beaches, and a year-round tropical climate, the island is one that's been attracting visitors for hundreds of years, with no signs of slowing down.

But despite its obvious charms, Bali does have one major disadvantage for visitors – it's very much discovered. While postcards from the island may reveal empty beaches and incredible sunsets, it's a rare sight to see a Bali beach with anything less than one hundred tourists sunbathing on its sands. A decades-long promotional effort, combined with word of mouth, has made the island one of the most visited destinations in the world.

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5 World Class Budget Surf Destinations

When most people think of surfing, they think of the world's top big wave destinations – the shores of Hawaii, the lengthy beaches of Southern California, and Australia's Gold Coast. These luxurious surf destinations are the ones that constantly pop up on TV, in magazines, and as the stage for some of the world's most esteemed surf competitions.

But being popular – particularly with professional surfers – doesn't make a destination ideal for surf travelers and casual surfers. The gigantic waves of Oahu's north shore are far from ideal for newbies and intermediate surfers, while the extreme costs of the Gold Coast certainly aren't perfect for those on a shoestring budget.

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Top Out of This World Theme Parks in Europe Theme parks are a way for both adults and children to have a good time and enjoy themselves. Children can enjoy being kids while adults can get in touch with their inner childhood by enjoying rides that bring back memories from when they were a child themselves. Theme parks can be a lot of fun, with all of the rides and attractions to choose from, you will never be bored when visiting some of the best theme parks. America is known for having many different theme parks, but there are actually a lot of cool and unique theme parks in the Europe area as well. In fact, the people of Europe, along with plenty of visitors to the area, all thoroughly enjoy all of the theme parks that Europe has to offer them.