By admin on 2/20/2013
Chinese Modernism: 4 Tourist Spots Being Ruined By China's Rapid Tourism GrowthThanks to its rapid economic growth after decades of financial slumber, many of the world’s top political commentators have called China the world’s next superpower. Visiting one of China’s cities seems to confirm the idea – from super-tall skyscrapers to gigantic highways, China is on a path of rapid development with no end in sight.
By admin on 2/12/2013
Asia's 5 Biggest Festivals, and Why You Need to Experience ThemFrom seasonal festivities to religious holidays, some of the world’s oldest and most celebrated festivals are found in the densely populated, Old World cultures of South and East Asia. From paint festivals to giant water fights, New Year’s celebrations to religious festivals, Asia’s oldest cultures really know how to celebrate an occasion. Whether you’re traveling to India or Hong Kong, Thailand or Indonesia, there’s no shortage of great holidays occurring all throughout Asia to keep you occupied and offer a unique experience.
By admin on 2/4/2013
Revisiting 60’s Vietnam: How to Get an Authentic View of Vietnam's Troublesome Recent HistoryWith its lush jungle, beautiful coastline, and stunning natural surroundings, Vietnam has transformed from an economically dormant nation into one of Asia’s top tourist destinations. With a rapidly growing economy and a population that’s welcoming to visitors, Vietnam is certainly looking forward to a bright future. That future is certainly one it deserves, as the nation known as Vietnam has had one of the toughest histories in… well, history.