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Top Service, Bottom Dollar: How to Enjoy First and Business Class Travel for LessAh, first class. While economy class may be comfortable enough for most travelers, nothing encapsulates luxury and comfort like a wide, soft, and comfortable seat in the front section of the plane. From pre-flight champagne to seats that recline to an almost completely flat state, first class travel certainly has its set of perks. However, those perks come at a price. With the average first class ticket priced from three to ten times the price of an economy ticket, few travelers are willing to spend big bucks to secure a big seat.
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5 Cyprus Dishes All Visitors Should TryCyprus – legendary birthplace of Aphrodite. Renowned for sun, sea and sand. But most importantly, famed for local hospitality and traditional cuisine. So why should visitors to the island try the local fare? After all, they have managed just fine without it! Well, to taste Cypriot food is to understand the island and the way of life. It is a blend of Greek, Turkish and Italian cuisine with a hint of the Middle East. Cyprus lies at the crossroads of three continents where east meets west and influences from these continents have crept into the Cypriot recipes.
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Is Hong Kong Expensive For a Holiday?Known as the ‘New York of Asia,’ Hong Kong is well known around the world for its impressive skyline, fast-paced urban lifestyle, and great shopping opportunities. But like is namesake in North America, Hong Kong is renowned as an expensive city for both its residents and those stopping within its borders temporarily. It's a reputation that’s certainly, at least in part, deserved. Hong Kong’s high-end hotels and apartments are some of the most expensive in the world, with a luxury suite at a leading hotel chain frequently fetching five-figure nightly rates ...
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How to Vacation in the Philippines SafelyYou have been thinking about where to go on your next holiday, and were considering the Philippines, but are concerned about your safety. If that sounds familiar, then you just might find some of the advice and information contained in this article, incredibly useful. The Philippines is principally a Catholic country, but it does have a large population who are Muslims. Unfortunately, some of them have turned into extremists, and have even kidnapped tourists and held them for ransom in order to help pay for their unsavory and detestable activities.