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Rio's Favela Tours. Dangerous Shantytowns or Budding Adventure Tourism Hotspots?

Home of world famous beaches, samba dancing, and the celebrated Christ the Redeemer statue, Rio De Janeiro is a city that's most frequently associated with summer beach fun and eccentric carnival celebrations. Given the relatively narrow focus most tourism guides have on the city – and on Brazil itself – it's no surprise, with most visitors enjoying their Rio vacation entirely within the city's well-known Zona Sul district and rarely venturing further into 'everyday Rio.'

However, as with most package vacations and narrow-focused trips, focusing only on the city's good side ignores some of its most interesting destinations, its most gripping historical sites, and many of its richest stories. As fun as it can be to relax on Ipanema Beach until sundown, doing so ignores a great deal of Rio's most interesting communities.

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6 Weirdest Attractions in the United States There’s nothing more majestic than a road trip through America’s beautiful landscape. Along the way, you’ll find quaint little places to eat with out of this world food, gorgeous scenery, beautiful little towns and of course weird attractions that just can’t be passed up. There are some attractions that are just so strange that they warrant a detour in your road trip, giving you something to talk about for a long time to come. Just what makes an attraction strange enough to warrant stopping for? The bigger and odder the attractions, the more likely people are to add a detour to their road trip. Some of the best weirdest attractions are found in places that you’d never imagine.
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Fake or Real? 5 Outrageously Bad Fakes Found in Underground Chinese Markets For the tens of millions of tourists that visit China every year, shopping tends to be high on the travel agenda. With its megacities home to thousands of unique outdoor markets packed with a massive selection of inexpensive locally produced goods, China is a budget shopping paradise, offering almost everything a shopaholic could imagine – and plenty of things they couldn't! But given the country's status as the world's largest manufacturer, it's no surprise that not everything is built with attention to detail. From electronics to clothing, the products bought at cheap Chinese markets aren't exactly...
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Perfect Romantic Getaways in the USA Every couple has a different idea of what a romantic getaway means for them. From skiing to relaxing on the beach, romantic getaways are a great way to reconnect and have fun with your loved one. Whether you and your partner prefer to relax, indulging in spa treatments and delicious food or love to go on adventures together, there is a perfect romantic getaway for every couple.