By admin on 6/29/2013
The Most Family - Focused Travel Destinations in the United States Finding a family friendly destination spot can be overwhelming. Traveling with kids makes a vacation an entirely different endeavor. It’s difficult to know exactly which destinations are the most family friendly and will be able to tolerate crabby babies, curious toddlers or excited school aged children. It’s also a challenge to find the perfect destination that will provide fun for the kids yet relaxation for the parents and something for the entire family. The latest trend in vacation spots however is family friendliness, making many places very child friendly with many even being focused solely on families, kids and together time.
By admin on 6/23/2013
The 5 Worst Public Transport Systems in the World Most people have used public transport at one time or another in their lives, whether it be a bus to school, a train ride to a holiday destination or even an inter-island ferry trip to access mainland facilities. In the current financial climate, with global recession, saving money is a priority and many travellers are now resorting to using public transport rather than pay extortionate running costs for privately owned cars.
By admin on 6/15/2013
Hong Kong's Hidden Gems: 5 Neighborhoods Full of Low-Cost, High Quality HotelsThanks to its densely packed condominiums and extreme land prices, Hong Kong isn’t the cheapest city in the world for tourists. Hotel rooms are expensive, space is hard to find, and even the simplest of luxuries for visitors used to spread out cities can cost thousands of Hong Kong dollars per night. However, with the right approach, Hong Kong can be enjoyed on a budget without the tight spaces and stumpy beds that many budget travelers complain about. From cheap local hotels offering surprisingly large rooms for low fees to neighborhoods a little further afield offering great value for money...
By admin on 6/7/2013
How to Survive on a Shoestring Budget in RomeKnown around the world as one of Europe’s best cities for tourists, Rome can be a great city – or an unbearable city – depending largely on your budget. Packed with expensive activities and museums and home to some of the continent’s most costly accommodation, Rome can be a difficult city for budget travelers to visit. That is, of course, unless you’re willing to avoid the overpriced hotels in Colosseo and Old Rome and choose not to frequent the expensive restaurants found next to most tourist attractions. With a different approach to accommodation and eating out, Rome can be a surprisingly affordable ...