By admin on 3/29/2013
How to Find a Nice Hotel on a Budget in ThailandThailand is a fantastic destination to go for a vacation, and it can be a great deal cheaper than you ever thought possible. All over the country there are high quality hotels that can be had for what a good lunch will cost you in a Western country. Unfortunately, you are not going to be able to find ANY of these deals online. However, if you follow the suggestions that you will find below, you will be one of the lucky few that knows exactly how to discover these hidden gems before you even arrive in the “Land of Smiles”.
By admin on 3/21/2013
Little Known Cities in Thailand that are FantasticOn your previous trips to Thailand you visited the most popular tourist destinations like Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket, and now you would like to see some of the lesser known smaller cities on this excursion. If that sounds familiar, then you might want to check out some of the locations listed below.
By admin on 3/14/2013
5 Most Exciting Music Festivals and Events in EuropeThere’s more to the world’s cultural capital than churches and art galleries. Whether you’re planning a European tour for the food, the cultural experiences, or the pretty scenery, it’s worth including a visit to one of Europe’s most exciting music festivals in your itinerary. While the United States has Woodstock and Ozzfest, it’s Europe that takes the cake when it comes to frequent, fun music festivals. From alternative festivals housed in their own countries...
By admin on 3/7/2013
5 ‘Cheap’ Vacation Spots That Are Surprisingly ExpensiveWith currencies moving up and down in value and many formerly dormant nations on the rise economically, the price of travel isn’t as low as it used to be. Destinations that were once known as ‘cheap getaway’ vacation spots have increased drastically in price, taking unprepared travelers by surprise once they disembark their plane.