By admin on 10/29/2012
The World's Best Extreme Sports DestinationsNot everybody wants to spend their vacation sitting on a beach, relaxing in the countryside, or sipping coffee in a continental pavement cafe, so if your holiday preferences are a little less sedate and you want a holiday with adventure, danger and thrills where you can find yourself a real adrenaline rush as well as coming back with great stories, then an extreme sports holiday is a surefire way to achieve it. Some extreme sports can be done in a lot of places around the world, such as diving, snowboarding and surfing, but there are still some true must-do destinations where the experience just can't be beaten.
By admin on 10/22/2012
Cedar Point: An Experience I Will Never ForgetI am apart of a family that values hard work and believes that time is money. After a couple of years of continuous work, my family and I felt it was the time to take a vacation. The vacation needed to take place at a location that was close to home yet still felt like a getaway. The place we chose was Cedar Point because it was only five hours away and it offered excitement and fun. Despite my memory problems, one memory I will never forget is my first trip to an amazing amusement park.
By admin on 10/12/2012
Egypt’s City of the Dead – Do You Dare Walk Through It? Egypt is a beautiful country, steeped in ancient history and folklore. Most people who visit Egypt, whether for a Nile cruise or an all-inclusive holiday in Sharm-El-Sheik will spend at least one night in Cairo. If you are in Cairo, one of the most interesting sites you could possibly visit is the City of the Dead. That is, if you are brave enough to visit this scary part of this ancient city… The City of the Dead.
By admin on 10/5/2012
The Less Well Known Caribbean Islands You Need to Know About The Caribbean has been a highly desirable region for holidaymakers for decades, with the archetypal “tropical paradise” appeal of year round sunshine, beautiful azure waters teeming with exotic life, tantalising cuisine and a relaxed, laid back way of life. Of course, with so many reasons to visit, the influx of tourists to some islands have detracted from their unspoilt charm, and for a lot of people seeking that tropical island getaway the prospect of busy all-inclusive resorts and crowded beaches can make places like Barbados, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and St Lucia, which are all very popular and well served by flights and cruise ships, seem slightly less perfect.