By admin on 9/22/2013
5 World Class Budget Surf Destinations

When most people think of surfing, they think of the world's top big wave destinations – the shores of Hawaii, the lengthy beaches of Southern California, and Australia's Gold Coast. These luxurious surf destinations are the ones that constantly pop up on TV, in magazines, and as the stage for some of the world's most esteemed surf competitions.

But being popular – particularly with professional surfers – doesn't make a destination ideal for surf travelers and casual surfers. The gigantic waves of Oahu's north shore are far from ideal for newbies and intermediate surfers, while the extreme costs of the Gold Coast certainly aren't perfect for those on a shoestring budget.

By admin on 7/29/2013
Rio's Favela Tours. Dangerous Shantytowns or Budding Adventure Tourism Hotspots?

Home of world famous beaches, samba dancing, and the celebrated Christ the Redeemer statue, Rio De Janeiro is a city that's most frequently associated with summer beach fun and eccentric carnival celebrations. Given the relatively narrow focus most tourism guides have on the city – and on Brazil itself – it's no surprise, with most visitors enjoying their Rio vacation entirely within the city's well-known Zona Sul district and rarely venturing further into 'everyday Rio.'

However, as with most package vacations and narrow-focused trips, focusing only on the city's good side ignores some of its most interesting destinations, its most gripping historical sites, and many of its richest stories. As fun as it can be to relax on Ipanema Beach until sundown, doing so ignores a great deal of Rio's most interesting communities.