By admin on 10/24/2013
Blue Zones: How Visiting (and Learning from) the World's Longest Living Areas Can Improve Your Life

To the average traveler, Loma Linda, a small city in Southern California; Okinawa, a group of warm islands to the south of Japan, and Sardinia, a well-known island off the coast of Italy, have relatively little in common. Aside from their year-round warm climates and laid back way of life, the different destinations are rarely grouped together, and for the most part, it's for good reason.

But these destinations share a unique characteristic – one that makes them highly desirable vacation and retirement destinations for much of the population. Unlike the world's big cities, where stress is an issue and work-based lifestyles push many people towards poor health, these three destinations are considered 'blue zones' – locations with the highest concentration of long-living people.

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Top Healthiest Cities in America Being considered one of America’s healthiest cities is an honor that isn’t easy to come by. Taking into consideration the types of exercise and recreational facilities available as well as the number of farmers markets that are in the area are just a fraction of what goes into considering a city to be one of the healthiest. The number of people that take part in smoking or suffer from diseases such as diabetes or heart disease and the percentage of obese people in the city also play a large part. The top healthiest cities in America might actually surprise you.