By admin on 6/29/2013
The Most Family - Focused Travel Destinations in the United States Finding a family friendly destination spot can be overwhelming. Traveling with kids makes a vacation an entirely different endeavor. It’s difficult to know exactly which destinations are the most family friendly and will be able to tolerate crabby babies, curious toddlers or excited school aged children. It’s also a challenge to find the perfect destination that will provide fun for the kids yet relaxation for the parents and something for the entire family. The latest trend in vacation spots however is family friendliness, making many places very child friendly with many even being focused solely on families, kids and together time.
By admin on 2/5/2012
Plane vs Car. What is the Most Preferred Method of Transportation when Traveling with Kids? Traveling with kids can be very anxiety provoking. Making sure you have enough supplies and entertainment to make it through the trip without too many meltdowns is really a guessing game and then you must decide what’s better – a short plane ride or a long car ride? They both have their benefits as well as their downsides. Weighing the positives and negatives of each side will help you decide what is best for your family.
By admin on 1/27/2012
How to Avoid It’s almost inevitable at some point during traveling that you will here the words, “Are we there yet?” from your children. While it is inevitable, it is possible to reduce the times you hear it by providing entertainment during your travels that will help time go faster. With a little preparation to meet the needs that typically surface while traveling, it is possible to make travel pleasurable for everyone.