By admin on 6/23/2013
The 5 Worst Public Transport Systems in the World Most people have used public transport at one time or another in their lives, whether it be a bus to school, a train ride to a holiday destination or even an inter-island ferry trip to access mainland facilities. In the current financial climate, with global recession, saving money is a priority and many travellers are now resorting to using public transport rather than pay extortionate running costs for privately owned cars.
By admin on 2/13/2012
Top 5 Hotspots for Recent College Grads Graduating is a huge accomplishment. Now that you are on your own, it’s time to figure out a place to land a job and live comfortably. Don’t forget that you will have a ton of expenses, so after you land that degree, it’s important to choose a location that isn’t going to break the bank. There are many reasons as to why college graduates are gravitating to the hottest places to live. Most college graduates choose these cities because they have available jobs, are inexpensive and they are close to friends and family. No one wants to live in a boring town, so other factors that influence a recent college graduate’s living choice...