By admin on 8/14/2013
Top Out of This World Theme Parks in America Theme parks can be described as America’s favorite past time, so it’s no wonder why America has so many. While there are theme parks in areas all over the world, especially in Europe where there are many cool and unique theme parks, it seems to be that America is truly the home of some of the best theme parks. What makes a theme park fun and unique is based on many factors and what might be exciting to you might not be so exciting for someone else. Each theme park in America offers guests the chance to have the ultimate experience as many theme parks are now equipped with more than just roller coaster rides and the basics. These theme parks typically include extra features such as water parks, concerts and in-park restaurants.
By admin on 10/22/2012
Cedar Point: An Experience I Will Never ForgetI am apart of a family that values hard work and believes that time is money. After a couple of years of continuous work, my family and I felt it was the time to take a vacation. The vacation needed to take place at a location that was close to home yet still felt like a getaway. The place we chose was Cedar Point because it was only five hours away and it offered excitement and fun. Despite my memory problems, one memory I will never forget is my first trip to an amazing amusement park.