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Inside Cambodia: Southeast Asia’s Optimistic and Overlooked Travel DestinationWhile Thailand may be known for its amazing beaches, Malaysia for its rich culture and delicious food, and Singapore for its amazing shopping, Cambodia is renowned for its somewhat dark modern history. One of Southeast Asia’s least visited nations for many years, Cambodia is quietly emerging as a worldwide tourism destination. Just hundreds of miles away, package tourists are relaxing under the sun on Thai beach resorts and spending their hard-earned cash in luxurious shopping malls.
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How to Stay in a 4-Star Room for Less than $1,000 a Month in ThailandMore than likely you have heard that Thailand is a relatively inexpensive place to go for a holiday. But seriously, could you have ever imagined that it is possible to rent the equivalent of a 4-star hotel room for less than $1,000 a month. After all, that is what a night or two would run in New York, London, or Paris. Well it is, and if you just keep reading we are going to explain exactly how to accomplish it.
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Easy Emergency Preparation: 5 Simple Tips to Keep You Safe in a Travel CrisisWhen given the choice between rational discussion and hysteria, the media tends to go for option two. From small stories blown out of proportion to bizarre events that get reported as ‘worrying everyday occurrences,’ the news sometimes gives a view of reality that isn’t quite consistent with our observations.
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7 Historical Travel Attractions That Don't Get the Recognition They DeserveFrom beautiful churches to ancient military wonders, there are many top historical sites and ancient creations that attract travelers from thousands of miles away. But while travelers may flock to the Egyptian Pyramids or Great Wall of China in their millions, many of the world’s most amazing historical sites are surprisingly quiet.
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Exploring the Volcanoes of Hawaii

For those who have never been to Hawaii you will be pleasantly surprised by how much there is to see and do here. One of the most exciting things about Hawaii is the volcanoes which can be seen on many different parts of the island. Some of the volcanoes are actually active which may be hard to see by foot or by vehicle so you may consider taking one of the many helicopter tours which will put you up close and personal with many of them.

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Inner China: Why China's Least Visited Cities Have the Most to Offer Visitors

Step off your plane in any Chinese city and you'll be confronted with some immediate differences to 'life back home.' From the incredible range of scents to the near extreme levels of noise that exist in almost all situations, Chinese life is a massive culture shock for most visitors, even in the country's more Westernized and international cities.

But underneath the vast cultural differences, many of China's tourist-heavy cities have some major elements in common. From the constant pestering of taxi drivers to the irritating 'trick them if you can' attitude that's unfortunately common in major Chinese tourist attractions, a trip around China's big tourist center – Shanghai and Beijing in particular – can leave you feel like you've seen little of the 'real China.'

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Avoid the Backpacker Trail. Thailand's 10 Best Hidden Beaches

Thanks to its incredible natural beauty, interesting history, and friendly population, Thailand has emerged as one of the world's most well-known and celebrated tourism destinations. With white sand beaches and huge marble cliffs, tropical rainforests and lush rice fields, huge cities and some of the world's best small beach towns, it's no wonder that Thailand consistently ranks in the top-ten most visited countries worldwide.

However, many visitors don't get quite what they expected upon their arrival in the Kingdom. The stunning beaches they saw in promotional materials and travel blogs are still there, but instead of a single traveler lounging in a hammock, they're packed with package tourists and families out to get their annual dose of sun before returning home for the winter.