By admin on 10/8/2013
10 Simple Tricks to Avoid Being a 'Clueless Tourist'

We've all seen them: bossy, frustrated, obnoxious travelers that seem almost entirely unaware of how they're perceived by others. From the camera-carrying hawaiian shirt vacation crowd to the ever-critiquing wannabe travel critic, the obnoxious and annoying behavior of some tourists can really get on the nerves of both fellow travelers and the locals that they're interacting with.

The incredible thing about rude travelers is that often, we're the worst of them. From tired, rushed situations that cause us to lose our tempers to frustrating scenarios in countries that we're just not familiar with, everyone can lose their cool while on the road. Often, it's when we least expect it to happen, and even more often, it's in a situation that could have been carried out very smoothly.