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San Francisco by Boat. See a Different Side of San Francisco with Private Boat Tours

San Francisco – home of cable cars, gorgeous townhouses, world famous bridges, and some of the USA's best food. One of the country's top tourism destinations, San Francisco is visited by millions of people a year. Some fly or drive into the city domestically, while others fly from all around the world to experience one of the United States' most cosmopolitan and interesting cities.

But regardless of where they come from, few San Francisco visitors get the true experience. With notoriously bad traffic, particularly for those commuting into the Bay Area itself, many visitors sit in the back of a taxi for a significant portion of their trip, missing out on one of the city's best and least explored assets – its awesome harbor, cool waterways, and network of water transportation.

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Top Out of This World Theme Parks in America Theme parks can be described as America’s favorite past time, so it’s no wonder why America has so many. While there are theme parks in areas all over the world, especially in Europe where there are many cool and unique theme parks, it seems to be that America is truly the home of some of the best theme parks. What makes a theme park fun and unique is based on many factors and what might be exciting to you might not be so exciting for someone else. Each theme park in America offers guests the chance to have the ultimate experience as many theme parks are now equipped with more than just roller coaster rides and the basics. These theme parks typically include extra features such as water parks, concerts and in-park restaurants.
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6 Weirdest Attractions in the United States There’s nothing more majestic than a road trip through America’s beautiful landscape. Along the way, you’ll find quaint little places to eat with out of this world food, gorgeous scenery, beautiful little towns and of course weird attractions that just can’t be passed up. There are some attractions that are just so strange that they warrant a detour in your road trip, giving you something to talk about for a long time to come. Just what makes an attraction strange enough to warrant stopping for? The bigger and odder the attractions, the more likely people are to add a detour to their road trip. Some of the best weirdest attractions are found in places that you’d never imagine.
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Perfect Romantic Getaways in the USA Every couple has a different idea of what a romantic getaway means for them. From skiing to relaxing on the beach, romantic getaways are a great way to reconnect and have fun with your loved one. Whether you and your partner prefer to relax, indulging in spa treatments and delicious food or love to go on adventures together, there is a perfect romantic getaway for every couple.
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The Most Family - Focused Travel Destinations in the United States Finding a family friendly destination spot can be overwhelming. Traveling with kids makes a vacation an entirely different endeavor. It’s difficult to know exactly which destinations are the most family friendly and will be able to tolerate crabby babies, curious toddlers or excited school aged children. It’s also a challenge to find the perfect destination that will provide fun for the kids yet relaxation for the parents and something for the entire family. The latest trend in vacation spots however is family friendliness, making many places very child friendly with many even being focused solely on families, kids and together time.
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Cedar Point: An Experience I Will Never ForgetI am apart of a family that values hard work and believes that time is money. After a couple of years of continuous work, my family and I felt it was the time to take a vacation. The vacation needed to take place at a location that was close to home yet still felt like a getaway. The place we chose was Cedar Point because it was only five hours away and it offered excitement and fun. Despite my memory problems, one memory I will never forget is my first trip to an amazing amusement park.