Overview of Australia

Australian attractions
Australia is home to some well-known attractions such as Sydney Opera House and the Great Barrier Reef.

Out of the seven continents on our planet, Australia is both the smallest and perhaps the most remarkable. Looking into the continent’s rich cultural history will help to understand and fully appreciate what Australia has to offer. Also a country, Australia was settled by Europeans in the late 1800‘s, however for as long as 40,000 years prior natives such as the Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders lived in Australia and still do to this day.

One of the most interesting things about Australia is its geography, climate and ecosystems. The weather and topography is very different from place to place. For example, in parts of Western and Southern Australia there is desert. Queensland and the Northern Territory are grasslands, while Tasmania, New South Wales and Victoria enjoy a temperate climate. There are even tropical and subtropical conditions in the northernmost portion of the country.

Visitors to this country will find anything and everything to entertain and educate even the most sated travellers.

Australia’s cities have a lot more to offer than just its daily bustle and swinging night life. For those pressed for time these cities are a must-see-must-experience to have the right to claim you’ve been to Australia; Sydney’s famous harbour, Darwin’s enchanting laid-back appeal, Adelaide’s parklands, Perth’s white beaches, Canberra’s national attractions, and Melbourne’s modern culture.

Australia is home to the Great Barrier Reef, the largest living coral reef in the world. This natural wonder brings in scuba divers in droves to explore the underwater majesty and beauty. This reef spans 1240 miles which equals over 2000 kilometres.

Australia has number of iconic destinations that are a ‘must’ to see. These unforgettable sites give you a wide range of choices; from the great outback, eco-friendly sites, wildlife safaris, and national parks to underwater adventures in marine parks and open-water adventures.

Kangaroo - Australia’s iconic animal
The wildlife in Australia is something to be marveled at. Iconic kangaroos and koalas call Australia home.

The wildlife in Australia is also something to be marveled at. One of the animal groups you’ll discover here are the marsupials, which are animals with pouches. The most famous marsupial is the kangaroo, although there are others including the adorable wallaby. The koala, often confused as a type of bear, lives high up in the trees and survives on an exclusive diet of eucalyptus leaves. If these leaves are unavailable the koala will go without food.

Generally, Australians are sports crazy. Many fiercely engage in any of the following sports year-round: Australian Rules football, rugby, swimming, cricket, tennis, soccer, surfing, horse racing, and car racing. A visitor to this country will most probably get a lot of invites to these activities as a participant or spectator, depending on how engaging their host is and on how spirited their guests may be.

Australia is a fabulous tourist destination if you want a little of everything. There are beaches, tourist attractions, friendly locals and plenty of dining and shopping. Also you’ll find plenty of culture such as opera houses and museums. Of course, there is plenty of fun to be had also at the beach, zoo and of course the red hot night spots. Whether you choose the bustling, vibrant cities of Sydney or Melbourne, for example, or a destination in the wilderness, you are sure to never forget the time you spent in Australia.

Where holidays and vacations are more than just shopping sprees and amusement parks, visit and celebrate in Australia. Once there, the world ‘down under’ opens its doors to you with a wide variety of sites to see and adventures to explore. This special trip to a whole new world will give you colourful moments and memories to last a lifetime. Not only a treat to the senses but a life-changing experience to be talked about and passed on to the next generations.