Culture of Australia

Culture of Australia
The culture of Australia is a very unique and diverse influenced by aboriginal and indigenous people, first British immigrants and modern Western culture.

Australia’s history is rich, and its culture diverse. Although there is plenty to do for city slickers, it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Its landscape ranges from outback deserts to tropical rainforests and snow-capped mountains - and rooted in all this natural splendour is its people.

Australian history is rich in Aboriginal myth. The Aboriginal people sharing a belief in the timeless and magical realm of the Dreamtime, or ‘time before time’, when the totemic spirit ancestors forged all aspects of life and created the world. They still believe in the connection of natural phenomena, with the past, present and future through every aspect of their culture. Great places to explore the Aboriginal culture can be found in almost every state and territory. Popular tourist attractions are mostly found in the Northern Territory, in places such as Uluru National Park and Kakadu National Park which both hold cultural significance to the Aboriginal people.

The British arrived in this continent in the 17th century, sailing across oceans until they reached the coast of New Holland, as Australia was known back then. And in 1770, the infamous Captain James Cook, claimed the continent for Britain. From January 26, 1788 until 1868, Australia was Britain’s penal colony with ships transporting convicts to this new outpost. The British first settled in Botany Bay, which still exists near Sydney today.

“Free” settlers started flowing in by the early 1790s, with more people sailing over from Britain, China, and other lands across the seas. The country’s culture diversified into the wealthy cultural mix that it is today.

If the Americans have their “American Dream”, Australians have their “Fair Go”, just two words that embody their drive to succeed and conquer, all rooted on its people’s tenacity to survive. The Australian culture is rich in the history of its Aboriginal people, stories of battlers, bushrangers, brave soldiers, sporting and working heroes, and strong-willed migrants.

Australia’s native language, like its culture is a mixture and mix-up of many tongues, a stew of British and Irish accents flavoured with words from Aboriginal dialects as well as migrant languages. Australia’s unique colloquial language, fondly coined ‘strine’, abbreviates normal English words then adds an ‘o’ or ‘ie’ in the end. You’ll find nickname reversals, calling someone with dark hair ‘snowy’, and ‘lofty’ for someone who is small in stature.

Australians are sports crazy, with Australian Rules Football, Rugby, Swimming, Cricket, and Tennis as their most popular, but with Football (Soccer), Surfing, Sailing, Horse Racing, and Car Racing coming in close seconds. Although summer can be said to be the season of tennis with 6 main tennis tournaments including the Australian Open in Melbourne held annually in January; there are also other sports that draw spectators not only from Australia, but around the globe. This includes the Moto GP and Formula 1 Grand Prix in Melbourne, international cricket, international rugby, and more. For some Australian flavour, there are Australian Football League matches every week in the major Australian cities.

Australians love the outdoor lifestyle, its beaches and barbecues, with 80% of Australians living an hour and a half from the coast. The beaches are an integral part of their laid-back lifestyle as their cowboys are to their outback country. Some of the best beaches in the country include Bells Beach, Bondi Beach, and Cottesloe Beach.

The iconic kangaroo, unique to Australia, increased its population to around 40 million. The continent also boasts of a vast and unique fauna, with wildlife and marine species and environments found nowhere else in the world.

The continent and its people have a lot to offer the curious adventurers as well as the quiet recluse, from tours to Aboriginal lands, the vast and extreme outback, its golden coasts, fast city life, nature wonderlands to journeys through the vast lands. Any of its seasons can give travellers, local and foreign, experiences worth writing about, memories to fondly remember.