Overview of Paris

Paris is often known as the City of Lights and it is generally agreed that it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Many continue to say that even using the span of your whole lifetime; you would never be able to experience the endless culture and wide range of attractions. Paris is best enjoyed at a relaxed pace, you should allow time to visit the sidewalk cafes, alluring museums and beautiful parks. Of course, no visit would be the same without a trip to one of Paris’ finest world class restaurants.

In order to enjoy Paris to the fullest, comfortable pair of shoes and a camera are highly recommended; Paris can be enjoyed on foot and many of the attractions are within walking distance of each other. Do take time to make at least a brief stop at the Eiffel Tower, not only is it as impressive as a photogenic landmark, it is also a fantastic place to view the city from its viewing galleries which can be reached by elevator, and if you’re feeling fit, you can also climb the Eiffel Tower by the stairs.

Another absolute must do for the visitor to Paris is the Louvre which contains the most impressive and extensive art collection in the world. Be prepared to do some walking, sometimes the lines at the entrance can be quite long, particularly at weekends or during the spring and early summer. However, the waiting is well worth it, apart from the famous Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo; you will be able to marvel at other works by Michael Angelo, Botticelli, Rafael and many other famous painters.

Paris is blessed with an amazing variety of restaurants; as one of the food capitals of the world, you will be spoilt for choice and quality. While you may be planning to go to the word famous Maxim’s which is an excellent choice, also consider trying the unforgettable dining experience you will have at Le Grand Velour located on the rue de Beaujolais. This restaurant traces its roots back to the 18th Century; in addition, its luxury decoration and delicious dishes will delight you.

Shopping and taking in the Paris street life can be best achieved on the Champs-Elysees which connects the Arch de Triomphe with Concorde. Even in summer, the street remains cool shaded by the many trees and you can browse through the numerous interesting shops on its route. When you feel a little weary, you can relax and take refreshments at the many street side cafes dotting the street and watch the unique Parisian street life flow by.

If you appreciate fine architecture you are in the right place; take time to visit the famous Notre Dame Cathedral, one of the finest examples of French-Gothic style. Notre Dame is still an active Catholic cathedral today so do check entry times, as there can be restrictions during religious services. You will simply be blown away as you admire its stained glass windows, flying buttresses and numerous sculptures.

Paris is famous for its café culture and Parisians like nothing better than a night out and socializing, a few words of French will make you appreciated and you will probably get to meet new friends. If you really want to get into the global community, head down to rue Saint-Honore where you will find the Sous-Bock Tavern that has a great atmosphere generated by a mainly youthful international crowd. This nightspot is both appealing and at the same time unpretentious.

To sum up it all, surprises are abundant in Paris and the tint of European charm and timelessness simply envelop the atmosphere in Paris. You can literally feel cultures and the arts lingering in the air and what’s more, this magical city never fails to appear inviting for anyone who has landed in this multi-faceted metropolitan.