Climate & Weather in Hong Kong

Climate & Weather in Hong Kong

Located just below the Tropic of Cancer, Hong Kong has a humid sub-tropical climate which is influenced by monsoons. This region has some truly great weather as it is temperate for almost half the year and has hot and humid summers and cool but dry winters. The peak tourism period for this region is between mid-September until February as it is less humid.

Summer occurs between late May until the middle of September. Summer is characterised by sunny, hot and humid weather, coupled the occasional brief shower and thunderstorm. There are also warm westward breezes that come in. Temperatures generally range from 30°C during the day time, with a humidity of 86%. During the night time it can be warm, with an average minimum temperature of 26°C. However, it is likely that typhoons will come in and this will result in landslides or flooding. During July to September, it is more than likely that tropical cyclones will hit Hong Kong. August is the wettest month of the year. It is best to wear a hat, short sleeved shirts and non-cotton clothing that allow you to breathe easily. A light jacket or jumper should also be brought along as restaurants will set the air-conditioning at a cold temperature.

Autumn is from late September until early December. Autumn is considered as the best season to travel in. Although temperatures are high at about 20-27°C, both rainfall and humidity is lower. The humidity level is more bearable compared to summer, as it hovers around 72%. October and November averages about 200 hours of clear and bright sunshine. It is best to wear short sleeved shirts and light jumpers or jackets in autumn.

Winter occurs from the middle of a sunny December until February when it is cloudy. Following autumn, temperatures are between 15°C to 20°C, with the humidity level at 72%. It can get chilly for local standards as the temperature can drop as low as 10°C with cold fronts from the north. January is the driest month of the year. The coldest month in Hong Kong is February, where the temperature averages at 16°C. The best clothes to wear during winter would be woollen clothes and overcoats to keep you warm.

When spring comes around in March until the middle of May, it brings back more humid and warm weather. The average temperature ranges from 18°C to 27°C, with a humidity level of 82%. Around April, there is a sharp increase in April. It is also the cloudiest time in Hong Kong, with an average of only 100 hours of sunshine in March and April. However, many would say that the temperature in March and April is very pleasant apart from the spell of humidity, drizzle, and fog. Evenings can be cool, but a light jacket or jumper should be fine.