Events and Festivals in Indonesia

Throughout Indonesia there is a strong sense of culture despite if you are in the inland area which is dominated by Islam or on the islands of Bali where Hinduism is the dominating religion. With the strong cultural identity comes a large amount of festivals that celebrate events, religion, and simply the colour and flavour of the land.

Festivals and events take place throughout the year in Indonesia with several happening every month. For example, between December and January there are a large amount of festivals that are regularly attended by many tourists and natives alike. On the first of January New years is celebrated as well as the Lomban Festival, which is mainly a festival for fisherman meant to thank the sea for blessing them with good fortune over the past year.

During March is the Kasada festival in people the locals pay homage to their ancestors by offering those fruits, chicken, and flowers. The following month of April brings Nyepi known in English as the Day of Silence which is also the Isaka New Year. Also during April is the Bali Arts Festival which is renowned worldwide and includes many grand processional parades and cultural shows that take place throughout the island. The Bali Arts festival takes place throughout the entire month and is a great time period to take a holiday as you can truly explore and actively participate in the culture of Bali which is unique to the rest of Indonesia.

On August 17th Indonesia celebrates its Independence Day and there are parades throughout the country as well as plenty of events localized on a city to city basis. However, finding out where they are should not be too hard if you are already in the city and ask the hotel concierge or any locals you interact with.

In October the Hari Raya Pusa festival takes place and is considered one of the most important religious festivals in the land. Most westerners will recognize it as the celebration that takes place at the close of Ramadan and is a time when all o the women will come out in new clothes and after attending mosque in the morning, celebrate throughout the day.

Other notable events include the Jakarta Fair, which takes place over the course of seven weeks and a large display of the culture and tourism of the city. During the fair visitors can view and purchase many traditional crafts, artwork, antiques, puppets, leather goods, and plenty of other gift items. In addition, street artists are also out performing in costume and dancing the traditional dances of the land. Many international artists also perform during the Jakarta Fair at the local nightclubs and discos.

For children the Manado Beach Festival which takes place the second week of July is worth planning a holiday around as it is a time to celebrate the city’s birth along the beach. Traditional art is on display throughout the weeklong festival and many puppet shows are performed as well as a great deal of live musical performances along the beach. Many sports competitions take place during the festival as well that you can watch or even participate in if you like.