Where to Go in New Zealand

New Zealand's largest city, Auckland is the country's capital of commerce, its metropolitan hub, and one of the world's highest rated cities in quality of life. Home to monuments of New Zealand's early history and the world's largest Polynesian population, it's the country's most multicultural city, and a major center of business for the Asia-Pacific region...
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New Zealand's capital city, both politically and culturally, Wellington is one of the country's most accessible and inviting cities. Built on one of New Zealand's most beautiful natural harbors, it's an interesting, friendly, and enticing city, offering a combination of artistic charm, great eating options, and a small-but-dense central area that's impossible to find elsewhere in the country...
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Situated at the base of Banks Peninsula in New Zealand's scenic and adventurous South Island, Christchurch is one of the country's biggest tourism hotspots, playing host to travelers seeking a taste of New Zealand's incredible scenery and vast outdoor expanses. With a combination of big city conveniences (at least by New Zealand's standards) and its proximity to natural attractions...
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