Culture of the United Kingdom

Culture of the United Kingdom
Influenced by many factors, the culture of the United Kingdom is rich and very diverse.

The United Kingdom holds some of the most incredible cultures of the world. There are many new things to discover and many things that you can only see and experience in the United Kingdom. Here is just a taste of all that the United Kingdom has to offer in its culture.

Within the Royal Shakespeare theatre you will find a vast amount of performances that range from comedies all the way to tragedies. Each performance is an incredible relation to the early works of William Shakespeare himself. Although the main focus of plays held within the Royal Shakespeare Theatre are usually closely related to Shakespeare, there are a few instances in which other playwrights are introduced into the mix. The Dominion Theatre is yet another spectacular creation among the performance cultures of the United Kingdom. Within this theatre, however, many plays are modernised and more appealing to the younger crowds. This is a great place to go as a family or a group of friends.

While the music of the United Kingdom is usually tamed to The Beatles, there are many more music idols that evolved from the United Kingdom. Some of these great acts include Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, and The Pretenders. Within this great place you find a mix of heavy metal, pop, and even soulful blues. This is the time to visit many of the jazz clubs and blues bars. These places really shine a new light on this type of music and can make your evening magical.

When visiting the United Kingdom, it is an absolute must that you visit Big Ben. The architecture of this structure is amazing. Not only are the clock faces beautiful, but every inch of the clock tower looks as if it was handled with the utmost care and attention. Norman Foster’s Gherkin is really a site that everyone should be able to see on their visit here. The oval structure is absolutely amazing and looks like a magnificently painted sculpture in the sky. If you have time, stop of at Forth Railway Bridge. At night, this lit bridge seems like an enchanted castle frozen in time.

Many people know the tales and many people still tell the tails of folklore surrounding the United Kingdom. The most well known tale of folklore is perhaps the story of Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest. This is a story that almost everyone knows, but many did not know that it originated in the United Kingdom. King Arthur and the interlocking stories of Merlin were also derived from old English folklore.

All of these cultural aspects are what we live for and what we truly appreciate about the United Kingdom.