Overview of Nashville

The main thing that comes to mind when you start thinking about Nashville is usually country music. Residents of Nashville recognize that they are privileged to live in the world-famous capital of Country and Western music. It is good advice to take note and listen to some tips and tricks from the locals that will make your stay in Nashville even more enjoyable. There is nothing better than upon completion of your visit, having made friends from Nashville and actually keep in touch.

If you are a fan of cowboy hats and boots as well as boot lace ties, this is the destination for you. Nashvillians as the residents are sometimes called, do not insist on this as the dress code. If this is the way to dress that works for you in Nashville, you will be in good company. Of course, if you don’t fancy wearing a cowboy hat, you will not be alone.

You may like to wear a football jersey as you’re out and about. Nashville’s most celebrated team is the Titans, should you drop into a bar for a cold beer and are wearing a football jersey from another team, perhaps a Titans’ rival, be prepared for some light hearted banter. Make sure you have researched the results of the team whose jersey you are wearing, don’t get overexcited and reactive, Nashvillians enjoy their football but don’t take it too seriously, nor should you.

If you are not into Country and Western and find yourself in Nashville, don’t despair, Nashville is also the home to a variety of music and you can find international quality blues, salsa and rock in the city.

Nashville also hosts a glittering array of personalities, so do not be too surprised to spot Tammy or Brad Paisley. Well, keep your screaming and jumping up and down to a minimum and maybe you can enjoy going round the supermarket with them and having a chat as you head to the checkout. They will be more than happy to give you their autographs.

Cowboy boots and 5 inch stilettos are fun but not practical if you want to enjoy Nashville, Nashville is best enjoyed on foot, so a comfortable pair of shoes for the day is the best advice. As Nashville offers more than 113 parks and the most renowned being the Centennial Park, you may find yourself on foot most of the time when you are touring Nashville and enjoying the green scenery in these sprawling parks.

Nashville has a rich musical history that is reflected in their museums. In fact, many of the restaurants in Nashville almost serve as museums with their nostalgic souvenirs from the early years of country placed on the wall.

Country music isn’t the only past that Nashville has though. Nashville is home to a large number of other tourist attractions of all kinds for visitors to see during their visit if they are less than interested in Nashville musical past. There are a number of landmarks that you can visit that pay tribute to the civil war and a hand full of others that are in remembrance of other events.

Once you have arrived at your Nashville hotel location, put the car keys in the room safe as getting round Nashville is best enjoyed by taxi. Taxi costs are reasonable and the taxi driver knows how to get you to and from your location in a jiffy. If you drive into the city center, you will need to pay parking prices that could cause you to raise your eyebrows, so relax and let the cab driver take the strain. Nashville locals love tourist enjoying the city so you can easily find a local bar, pop in and enjoy banter and jokes with them and get into the city fabric.

All in all, Nashville itself has entwined its soul in music so if you decide to pay a visit to this city which portrays an old town charm, I will not be surprised if you leave Nashville with your toes tapping!