Overview of New York

Overview of New York

“New York, New York, so good they named it twice.” Frank Sinatra’s song – famous across the world – easily tempts the listener or reader to consider New York as a must-do tourist destination as the home of Broadway. New York City has so much to offer for so many different types of visitors; many argue, with good reason that it is the world’s most vibrant and sprawling city.

New York is made up of five boroughs; each one has its own identity. The five boroughs were consolidated into one city in 1898; these five boroughs are Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island and Queens. Take a look at each district in order to find out if you should add it to your planned itinerary. In winter, wrap yourself up well if you are planning a day out in New York. In summer, going with light clothing and a sun hat is a good idea as well as carry some water or liquids with you as New York can get hot and humid.

Depending on how much time you have for your visit to New York, you should plan an itinerary that allows you to take in the most popular sites as well as exploring those that really interest you. Try to plan to allow enough time to get the best from each attraction you plan to visit and enjoy. Should you only have a short period of time to visit New York, try to stay centrally, so you can sightsee early in the day. You may be surprised to find that some economy hotel prices in Manhattan are not too expensive, in particular in the Korean district.

If you have only a day to spend in New York, consider a trip on one of the many open top buses that will take you round the principal sites and your ticket allows you to hop on and hop off, as you find an attraction that interests you. One of the best first stops is the iconic Empire State Building. Make sure that you have your camera handy as you head up to the viewing gallery; the panoramic view will amaze you and map displays point out the sites you can spot. On a day with reasonable visibility, you can see as far as JFK! The viewing gallery allows you to do a 360 degree tour around the city and it can also help you plan your time in the city.

Manhattan is the abode to a number of the most famous districts including Wall Street and the financial district. Get a picture of yourself or your friend in front of the bronze charging bull statue in front of the NYSE and everyone will know that you have graced New York. From the financial district, head down towards Battery Park, pausing to view the historic Ground Zero site of the Twin Towers. Beyond the Ground Zero site, make your way to Battery Park. This is an ideal location to get great photos of the Statue of Liberty and the many ship and ferry boats passing by; from Battery Park, you can take a trip out to the Statue of Liberty itself which is usually a must-do for any tourist who has landed in New York.

Harlem is the home to the African-American culture; it is the forefront of some of the most influential literary, artistic and cultural movements. In addition, Harlem is home to many of New York’s best Jazz clubs and Creole restaurants. Greenwich Village is one of the most exclusive districts in New York today, head for Bleeker Street to find an interesting and diverse array of shops and you might be pleased to know that some of the best NYC music clubs are found here.

You will agree with me that New York offers a vast array of options and attractions. Visit East Village for cafes and craft shops, if you are planning to be in New York for shopping, Soho and Tribeca are for you with an abundance of designer stores. Also, New York’s China town is a great place to finish your day with a delicious Chinese meal.

With its status as being the most populous city in the States, it is no wonder that many have said that this city has it all. The vibes racing through this metropolitan simply transmit sophistication and style and it’s not hard to understand why a visitor to New York City can easily fall in love with this charming urban territory.