Events and Festivals in Vietnam

Vietnam offers an exotic culture and a vibrant collection of local events and festivals many of which are quite fun to take part in if you happen to be in the country during a holiday celebration. Despite the fact that a great deal of people live in rural areas of the city, the community plays a large role in the life of the Vietnamese, and festivals are met with a huge amount of enthusiasm, and plenty of time for games such as pigeon racing, tug of war, and rope pulling, buffalo fights, and plenty of dance.

The start of the year is when two of the most important festivals in Vietnam take place, the Tet Lunar New Year during January and the Lim Festival, which takes place later in January on the 13th. The New Year festivities are based on the Lunar calendar and usually spread across three days, in which the focus is on social activities, drinking, and eating. Flowers are everywhere during this time of the year and folk festivities including traditional dance and plenty of divine cuisine items to try out.

The Lim Festival takes place about 18km from the capital city of Hanoi and is a celebration of folk songs with thousands of visitors flocking to Lim village for Vietnam’s own Woodstock of sorts. It is also a place where you can check out weaving, crafts, and take part in temple games that may seem a bit out of sorts to westerns but can be great fun to observe.

Another large event is the mid-autumn festival, which takes place in August near the middle of the month and celebrates the Moon when it is at its fullest at a time when the weather is crisp and cool. This is one of the largest events of the year outside of the Lunar New Year and is great fun in particular for children given it is a time of candies, toys entertainment, fruit, and shopping. In a way, the closest western holiday it compares to is Christmas complete with colourful decorations that include lanterns to light up the sky and invite the moon in. During the evening parades are held and lion trains take place that are quite interesting to see firsthand if you have never experienced a true Asian parade.